Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh, so long!

Opps, 10 days of gap between posts =x
Since college started, I've been going to bed early. Good girl marh :)
Will talk about college later, lets talk picture first.
The other day was Mother's Day.
I bought this for mum online @.@
I thought it was a whole cake :(
But it tasted great anyway.
Okay, college.
This coming week is the 3rd week of college.
Sem 4, senior year :)
So this sem, we have one class located at DKABB which is so very far from our usual hang out spot, classes, eating place and everything else!
Then before entering lecture hall, we saw this.
Of course have to "chik chak"!
TARCian parks like that?

Anyway, last Thursday we, 19 TARCians went to sing k :)
To celebrate Ivy, Yang Fung and Bao Yan's birthday.
See the three 19 years old kiddo that looks like small kiddos? xD
This is the only picture of that day that I was in :)
Luckily I had one, if not it was as if I wasn't even there. LOL.
Typical camerawoman :)
I guess my classmates are not into taking pictures :\
This is part of the birthday cake.
It has footsteps on it.
College life is kinda fun yet hectic.
Every morning I wake at either 6am or 7am to get ready for college.

Here comes the fun part.
Now I'm starting to work part time :)
Yesterday I went to work.
It was suppose to be from 10am to 10 pm.
But it ended at 6pm :)
I am so very lazy to explain about the job but I really had fun!
Although it was very the tiring and I somehow made my ankle terseliuh @.@
But nevermind.
Anyway, this is the only person that laughs at my jokes =.=
Thanks for laughing! LOL

I know I suck at joking.

The other day I went Chatime but I did not drink anything :(
Kinda regretting it :(
Btw, I skipped pan mee this week!
I need it!!!!

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