Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movie marathon!

After class, I went to Midvalley today :)
This post will not contain any pictures, sorry.
Dad's going to China tomorrow and he's having the camera.
So, no pictures.
Today was double the awesome-ness!!
We watched 2 movies.
Both were the uttermost amazing movies!
First was Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom.
Even the name gives it an "umm"! If you know what I mean ;)
Here's one of the trailer, though it is not in the movie.
This is just for fun.
But seriously, if you're looking for a funny movie, watch Kung Fu Panda 2.
Every single scene is funny!

Another movie was Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.
Johnny Depp's acting is good!
He's funny too :)
But for me, Kung Fu Panda still better xD
The trailer. Almost everything in the movie.
I like 2/3 of the movie which was about Captain Jack Sparrow.
I didn't like the other 1/3 which was about a religious guy and a mermaid =.=

Anyway, finally had Chatime today!! :)
That added up to the double awesome-ness!

I'm so exhausted :)

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