Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The little little things in life.

I wonder why, everytime I open the New Post page, my mind suddenly go blank.
But when I am bathing and riding on the motor, my mind will be filled with words and ideas of what to write about. ISH!

So, I am so lazy to complete my tutorials nowadays.
I am so used to the spoon-feeding method :(
The tutors make me feel like a kid in college!
It feels like I never ended secondary school at all!
Especially this sem.
Every single tutor of mine is a Sir.
We enter the class, kononnya discusses the questions and copy down the answers given by the tutors =.=
Now it has became a trend to not complete any tutorial and go to class to copy the answer given =.=
I don't know since when I adapted to this kind of attitude.
I don't attempt the questions before going to class anymore.
Or I will just look at it, think it is difficult and decides to copy tutor's answer =.=
Typical student kan?

I cut my hair :)
Feels light.
My face is filled with painful acnes :(
So pain! And I don't even dare to look at the mirror.
I'm horrified by my own face :(
I always pray before going to bed that God will help me remove my pimple.
But I guess even God can't control my genes. LOL.
I have bad genes, lots of it.
My bones are huge like guys' bones.
I have guy-looking hand and legs.
I am short =.=
Skin is super dry.
I have bad face skin :(
The only thing I like about my features is my eyes :)
But, I am still thankful that I have 2 hands, 2 legs, a pair of eyes, ears and a mouth and a nose :)
That means I am still a normal human :)
It is hard to not complain cause every single GIRL around me has perfect face and skin :(
It sucks to be the only one suffering from acne and people laughing about my red nose.
Now it is so common that everyone calls me Rudolph.
I don't know whether I should be happy about it or should I be upset.
Because of my internal health problems, I need to abstain from all of my favourite food. That is spicy food, oily food, fried food, cold drinks & dessert and many more.

So now I'm thinking, should I not enjoy life to look the best or should I enjoy life and not care about the rest?

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