Sunday, May 08, 2011


Okay, this is a post that is totally unrelated to the title.
I'm here to complain, not to tell some funny story or make a joke out of myself.

So let me start off with the pembuka kata.

Selamat sejahtera diucapkan kepada para pembaca blog ini. Today I rasa takde mood. Yes, my BM is suckish and so is my English. So I shall combine both of them together to make the all so cantik MANGLISH a.k.a Malaysian English.
Never heard of Manglish?
Wow, you must be from a wild jungle all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.
Where the heck is Atlantic ocean btw? =x
So, I'm not here to announce that my Geography totally suck, I am here to announce that today is Mother's Day! Woots!

Okay larh, back to complaints larh!
1st, I still can't sleep.
2nd, weather so freaking hot!
3rd, I can't open Facebook using Google Chrome.
4th, I can't find the option button in Mozilla Firefox.
5th, college re-opening. SUCKS!
6th, tomorrow is Mother's Day & dad's not celebrating it with us, instead he is planning Mother's Day celebration for the church.
7th, I'm freaking bored.
8th, my face suddenly got a lot pimples T.T
9th, holiday is ending T.T
10th, I miss Avril :(

So, that's all of my complaints.

Nowadays my posts are getting shorter and shorter.
I don't know what to write anymore.

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Anonymous said...

ok no.10 was random xD
sms her la, she'll b happy xD