Thursday, May 12, 2011

Midnight drama.

I was suppose to blog a few days ago.
But blogger was not working the other day, so I shall blog today.
Some of what had happened might have been unwritten because I might have forgotten :(
So, yea.
One night, I was tired and sleepy.
Then, I thought....
Numerous nights before that I had difficulties in sleeping.
As written in my previous posts.
So, I wished to sleep like this...
Not on the laptop, but sound asleep like the kitten!
Then, I really fell asleep.
It was like heaven.
Then around 4.30am, I woke up!
I heard a noise!
No, not my alarm clock.
No, not the dogs barking.
No, not my mum shouting =.=
Yes, it is something moving at the curtain!
It was for around 3 seconds, then it stopped.
So I tried going back to sleep and acted as though I heard nothing.
Yes, nothing but the wind.
But, the more I ignored the sound, the more it was triggered in my mind.
Now, all I could think of was that sound!
Then, I turned on the lights and try hitting the curtain.
Suddenly.....this fell on to the floor!
No! It was not Dr. Cockroach Ph.D from Monster vs. Aliens!
It was a real life cockroach like this!
So, I took out my gear and everything I could grab!
And started attacking the cockroach!!!
The battle of blood & sweat & tears lasted for more than one hour!
Even after that one hour, I wasn't sure whether I had conquered the territory.
So, I decided to leave the war location my room and went downstairs to sleep in the living room.
What was I thinking right?
I was thinking, "the living room is huge, even if there's cockroaches downstairs, it won't come to me".
DUMB, I know.
But I wanted to sleep so badly.
Oh btw, I was afraid there were ghost too =.=
But thank goodness my brother was in the downstairs room :D

So, that's the story of the midnight battle :D

The ending is, I WON! :)

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