Saturday, May 07, 2011

Almost being a senior.

Today is already Day 24 :(
Another 2 days to go until holiday ends.
Now I feel kinda tired, not because of holidays but because of starting a new sem.
Maybe this shows that I'm afraid of trying new things @.@
Or wait, or going back to old things? 0.o
I hope college time pass fast :D
Suddenly not really into studying and stuff.
More to enjoying =x
This time I can say that I really enjoyed my sem break :D
Made used of it full time!

Btw, am I having insomnia again?
Or is it the hot burning weather?
It's like, when I get on bed, after a few minutes, that part where I sleep gets so warm that I need to shift my butt to a whole new part that is warmed up after another few minutes =.=
That sucks!
It's like I need to turn around 988734567 times in one night!
Fuuhhh~ LOL.
& some more cannot sleep =.=
That's the worst part of it.
Yesterday night I took my pillow away and slept with my body facing the bed and face turned to my left.
And guess what?
I woke up with an aching neck =.=
I don't know how am I going to go through tonight.
It is a sucking-ish-ly super-warm-i-fied night!

Recently advised by someone: If you have no passion and heart to do something, why bother doing it anyway??

I love singing! RANDOM fact :D

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