Saturday, May 28, 2011

Midnight drama 2: The Return of the 6-legged creature.

So, again, yesterday after talking on the phone.
I was sound asleep so nicely and comfortably in bed :)
This time I did not went through any problems falling asleep.
It was a beautiful night.
The sky was filled with stars.
But somehow it all went missing when the clock stroke 5.36am!!!
Then, the drama happened.
I heard a noise.
No, this time it is not from the back of the curtains.
It was from my bookshelf.
I guess now the 6-legged creature was one level smarter than the previous one.
It managed to successfully sneak into my room without a sound!
I can't remember how it looked like but it was something like this!
I drew this myself! I am oh-so talented!
No, I didn't draw this myself. I googled it, DUHH~

Or was it something like this? 0.o
Looks innocent huh?
Like a fat, innocent, hungry cockroach.

But no!
It was obviously something like this!!
It was as crazy as Cockroach Ph.D!!!!
It was so noisy, causing friction on the bookshelf's surface by using all its 6 legs!
Then I took out my gear, as usual, and started spraying!!!
I cannot waste more time.
It must die!

So then it went missing!
It hid.
And everyone in the room which is only me, went like this.
WeI waited.
And finally it appeared again!
I sprayed like theres no tomorrow!
And used the rubbish bin to cover it :)

It's not the end of the battle.
I've got my second victory against the 6 legged creature.
Now it is time for me to rest.

Till we meet again 6-legged creature!

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