Monday, May 02, 2011

Sem 3 break :D

So, left 5-6 days more till sem 4 a.k.a SENIOR sem starts xD
I'm having mixed emotions!
Excited, nervous & happy!

So, basically, this sem break, I had 26 days of holiday!
Yes, it is very the long :)
& what have I done after 19 days?
So, I worked for 2 days.
I was quite lucky to work there :)
I also went shopping! :)
& of course went for movies!

Not only that, I tried new food, sang karaeoke & lots more :)

& then, I got sick =.=
I call it heaty, mum calls it SICK!
So, now I'm waiting to recover :(
Can't eat fried food, spicy food, oily food & anything that makes he heaty-er :(
I hope I'll get better by tomorrow.
Mum says that I play too much computer and that's why I became sick.
She said that the computer drained my energy and made me dehydrated @.@

Oh ya, now that Hypp TV is not letting us viewers watch those premium channels, mum got nothing to do =x
She's BORED! LOL =x

6 more days :(
I'm so gonna miss sem break.


papermeh said...

my mom say even got some free channel oso cant watch edi...

``Felicia Kok. said...

YES! U are absolutely right!