Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sims 3.

Recently I've been head over heels with the Sims 3!
I still can't stop discovering new things!

I have 3 stories.

1. A normal guy. Have affairs with almost every girl in the town and have many generations :D Then he adopted a boy. After the boy grew up to be a man, he accidentally died electrocuted :( Then the old man asked his first son to move in to inherit his belongings :)

2. A girl. Nothing much to say @.@ Not playing it anymore.

3. Another girl with kleptomaniac, artistic, flirty, bookworm and friendly trait. She stole an urn from the graveyard. Put it in her living room and had a baby boy with the ghost :D The boy grew up and is now super fit! She works as a criminal and steals many things home. This means free stuffs! :D

So, now I'm still playing the 3rd story. Planning to make it like the 2nd story :D I noticed that Bella Bachelor never ages! Like seriously! So, if you're planning to have many kids, make her have it! HAHA! More to discover.


Stilldestiny said...

Wow,Sims 3 does sound fun.I have been hunting for the game and hope I will get to buy the game soon!

``Felicia Kok. said...

HAHA, hope you get it soon! :D
It is superbly fun!