Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holiday ends today =)
So far, what happened during the holidays?
Continue the story ba..
Thursday went out with mum ^^
Watched Where Got Ghost with her =D
Enjoy giler xD
Then took KTM back to Tasik Selatan and dad fetched us home ^^
Friday Briggita's birthday.
Happy Birthday GIRL!!
Went out.
Watched Tsunami and G-Force.
Both movie damn funny xD
At night went to Mel's house for dinner =)
Something funny happened, like really funny xD
After that went out with Jian.
Went BB early.
Dad not free in the afternoon.
Meeting-ed till12.30pm x_X
Then got ready and song practice began.
After that BB usual..
Tired and dehydrated x_X
Reached home at 6.15pm.
Had only 15 minutes to get ready for mass x_X
Rushed like giler.
Went in car, terus pengsan.
Then reach church, kept complaining tired, but ignored =.=
Finish mass, continue to complain xD
Ate dinner and COMPUTER TIME =)
Sunday, everything like normal.
Back to studying, sigh.
SPM nearer.
Okay, wait, lets just concentrate on trials first x_X
Signing off to do some maths exercise cause I suck in Maths.
Nearly fail last year, don't wanna repeat history =)

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