Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

Finally felt the raya spirit =)
Went to Mana's house this morning.
Ate laksa.
Yummy, thanks to her mum who was puasa-ing x_X
We watched 4bia.
But too bad when i reach we sempat watch 3 episodes nia T.T
Some more the last 2 I watched before dy T.T
The 2nd one like final destination =.=
But all die damn fast xD
Then her mum send us to Irfanah's house =)
This year Irfanah didn't do open house, but still we crashed into her house xD
Again we ate xD
Honestly, i was damn freaking full!
So eat eat eat some more =)
I bet I'll UP one kg tomorrow xD
Thanks to those nice, yummy yummy food =)
So we watched Night at the Museum 2 there.
I was actually sleepy.
I slept off =x
Then Irfanah disturbed me and woke me up =)
After that we ate again x_X
This time mooncake and cookies =)
Then I ate rice again =x
Wahahahaha! xD
So I told Irfanah another story ^^
After that Mana went home =(
Irfanah and i played congkak xD
Then at 5 something, mum picked me up and went back home.
No dinner cause i ate too much xD
So, planning to go Midvalley tomorrow with mum.
I have never ever been out with mum before @.@
Seriously =.=
So I was really hoping and praying that this so-called-date happens tomorrow =)

Anyway, yesterday I had a dream.
I don't know what dream was that and what was the message.
But I was on a roller coaster.
I took out the safety belt even before the roller coaster stopped.
I thought i was gonna fall off and DIE.
But I managed to hold on to the sides and LIVE ON.
Is it a message? Or is it just a dream?
I also realise that there were more downs than ups.
Maybe that's my life?
I don't know.
Been having moodswings for few weeks.
And thanks Angela, for caring bout me =)
Appreciate it a lot =)
And cm too...
Hopefully everything will be brighter tomorrow...

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