Friday, September 11, 2009

I hate blogger! =[
That day I wasted my time typing a whole essay here but turn out blogger did not save it T.T
Argghh. Wasted my time.
And so...trials..
Thanks to the tips, sj went pretty well.
Other that the fact that I didn't know what predict was in BM =.=
I can't believe I only spent 2 hours reading sj =x
I hope I get a C, at least =x
I spent one hour of sejarah paper sleeping xD
Too tired.
Thanks to 4 days of sleepless night x_X
Thanks to that blardy deceiver, my brain =)
It was harder to fall asleep at night than in the noon. wtc.
Could barely wake up every morning.
So today Lynn, Hj, Cm, Mel and I went to Lynn's house to watch Drag Me To Hell.
It wasn't scary but shocking.
We watch half at Lynn's house and half at Tk's house =.=
Coughing more frequently nowadays.
Don't know why.
Hopefully I will get better by tomorrow xD

Thanksdearforthesweet =)

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