Monday, September 14, 2009

A sign of appreciation or even a word of thank you was the only think I was hoping for.
Yet it never happened.
The world is a stage.
How was i to know who was I suppose to be.

So anyway,
Yesterday I had fun =)
In the evening, I went out with mum and dad.
Then bought stuffs =)
And had a late dinner.
Memorized nilai, took cough syrup but this time I did not overdosed and slept =)
Arrived school and the first person I saw was Lynn ^^
I told her how I nearly killed my hand last night xD
Seriously, I need to tie my hands to my waist at night to make sure I do not make it faint xD
So it happened again.
I slept with my right hand above my head, so when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realize that my hand was DEAD =.=
I couldn't feel my whole hand.
Stupid right =.=
But Lynn say that it will only die without blood after 3 days.
Thanks goodness I do not sleep for 3 days in a row.
If not, the possibility of me killing parts of my body will be very high xD
So after that had assembly.
I didn't listen to anything.lalala.
Then had graduation taklimat =.=
Why does she need to be there =.=
Ruined the whole plan =.=
Anyway, started with Moral paper =)
Err, forgot a few nilais =.=
Then recess ^^
Lepak-ed with Brigs and Angela at the picnic table.
Angela ate that love letters biscuit.
She kept putting in her mouth then taking it out then putting it in again =x
Brigs told me out her outting with Mabel and Frances T.T
Gaahhh, how I wish I was there too =(
Then we went in class and the handsome gay teacher came in =x
He tegur-ed us for not giving salam properly.
Then he told us like that sure no berkat de.
And he even spelt out the word b-e-r-k-a-t =.=''
He acted like we were a bunch of baboons learning how to read and write =.=
Good thing he went out after a while.
Brigs, Lynn and I didn't really read Sejarah.
We were talking bout disgusting stuffs like leech and saliva. YUCKS!
And also fun stuff like hiking =)
This Wednesday is Angela Lim Kim Ling's birthday xD
No school right? =x
I wanna pay a visit to her house, to see her and the puppies which I think should be dogs by now.
So sejarah paper started with everyone's pencil case on the floor.
No peeping at the next table and re-checking our own paper till we got fed up with it.
That's what Bio teacher said =)
She's still cute eventhough she's pregnant =)

Back to those lonely days at home alone again x_X
Although I hate it but sometimes I learn to love it.
Not that I can change it =)
If you can't change something you hate, try to love it =)
I don't know why but I want back my Addmaths, Sejarah and English paper x_X
Haha. Curiousity kills the cat x_X
That's all for today.

FlunkedthetestandIloveit xD

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