Saturday, September 05, 2009

Another Long and Tiring Day..but worth it =)

So morning woke up around 7 something to do some important thing =.=
I was super sleepy due to sleeping late yesterday night.
After that had to get ready for tuition at 9am.
Reach there, dare not go up =x
Cause alone.
So I waited downstairs.
Then saw SY ^^
Omgosh, I can't believe he reads my blog ^^
Then tuition started, nothing much.
So now I know my mistake for trials paper, super-double-triple-crap =.=
I think I will go through depression if I realize another mistake =(
After tuition, came back, lunch, polish and off to BB.
Had song practice, today was kinda lively? 0.o
Parade as usual, pnw.
Then bible class =) Favourite programme in BB =)
Today Uncle Butt Wah didn't come =(
So Uncle Mike, the younger English Bible Class' sir taught us.
Read through Luke chapter 1-3. Wahh @.@
Then had html exam x_X
Lynn gave me the notes for me to revise during bible class but I didn't even look at it =x
Sorry babe, was concentrating on the Word of God xD
Then went up worship hall for computer knowledge exam x_X
Blurr dao T.T
Kay, I seriously WILL fail this, sigh.
Everything has its first time right? =)
Not that I never fail exam before =x
Not often only marh =x
After that had drill.
Stamina really lessen a lot nowadays.
Then had squad activity ^^
Celebrated Lye's birthday ^^


Then had to go back T.T
Dad was in a hurry to church.
Was damn freaking sleepy.
What you expect?
A small tiny girl, out from 9am-6pm =x
But still need to go.
Today had baptism.
19 babies baptist =)
Today a few pews in front of me and mum had twins.
Girls twins that sat with their grandparents.
Damn naughty =.= Keep running here, running there.
Then keep climbing the pew.
Then when communion time, their grandfather suddenly scold them. Walao, damn fierce x_X
Then both started crying.
Their grandmum only carried and sayang one.
Kesian the other baby =(
But after that she carry both @.@
Cute lerrhhh...
Anyway, after that went KFL to buy dad's dinner.
I was rushing home to watch One Missed Call which I didn't really understand the movie =.=
I interpreted my own synopsis xD

Dad got new car dy ^^
He say wanna go for a ride tomorrow =)
Hope so ^^

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