Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woke up feeling erm, healthier today =)
Had a good night sleep last night ^^
Although I woke up like usual, but I was late to school =.=
So result-nya, kena catat nama lorhhhhhhhh...gahh =.=
I reached outside school at 7.35am and exam starts at 7.40am.
Walk in school some more the prefect ask me wait there =.=
Se-mat betul =.=
When I enter class, teacher giving out papers.
Pheww, just in time =)
Kay, eventhough I had the tips but...still I couldn't answer x_X
And I noticed my table damn near Angela's table xD
After exam over, finally get to talk =.=
So Tk, Cm, Gin and Lynn gathered at my table.
Talk bout what?
At first bout hospitals and clinic @.@
Then they continued with online game x_X
So I studied =)
Pn Rusmiyana made a Physics joke xD
Then bio paper 1 start.
Bored as usual.
En Remi was damn cute xD
His phone suddenly ring then he looked around like damn shocked and answered his phone xD
After that school ended..
Everyone went home.
Came home, no lunch AGAIN =.=
Mum wrote a note, "Hey, you x tell me what you wanna eat. Cook maggi or eat bread k."
Btw, happy holidays =x
Tomorrow nia xD
After that EST and bio AGAIN =.=
Then holiday again =)

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