Monday, September 21, 2009

Although my day sucked, life still moves on.
Home doesn't feel like home anymore.
Holiday started off okay =)
Enjoyed Friday a lot =)
Thanks to Kah Choon, Sin Yin, Brigs, Sy's sis and mel ^^
We went hiking, although we split in the middle, but met up at the waterfall =)
It was definitely a tiring thing to do. Even when we had to go through pain in the night, but it was still worthwhile =)
Saturday, went to eat pan mee with Cm, Josh, Ah Fong, Mel, Jes and Jian ^^
Then everything went like normal saturday.
Went out that night with Jian, Jes and Mel =)
Funny-ly we were planning to be emo on sunday cause I thought parents woudn't let me go to Mel's house xD
But when I got home, mum say she will send =)
But that night I stupidly lao gai-ed because of the computer =.=
He laughed at me T.T Then I off-ed my phone =( Sorry.
But after that I tham-ed him @.@ HAHA.
Sunday finally arrived, I was super happy even if I had to walk from Econsave to Mel's house ^^
Other than studying and brushing up on my maths, I got to see his photo albums xD
Since 12.07.92 xD
His dad damn yeng =x
Jes still look the same xD She has her baby face xD
When I reach home, I wonder, why don't I have a album like that? Hmm..
I was asked to sleep when I got home =)
So I slept and woke and got ready and off to Jian's house.
I changed phone with him xD
Learning to use his phone =)
Then we went to Lois' house for pan mee.
The funniest thing was that Lois' mum asked why did we went there together xD
We were speechless x_X
Another night of tham-ing him xD
He's a real baby, I know xD
Monday was hell.
I shall not mention.
Thanks cm, for voicing out.
Those who does not experience it will not know the feeling.

Health status : Still coughing.


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