Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life's Like This.

Went through an awful Sunday last week.
But had a nice night =)
Sat alone in the park =)
And had fun walking through those stones =)

Woke up on Monday and the first question mum asked me was, "Ah Girl, wanna go Midvalley hang gai marh?"
I was stunned. It's trials and she's asking me whether wanna go hang gai or not @.@
She ask me go cause Gor and uncle going there. And I'll be alone at home.
But I don't wanna walk around the shopping mall alone.
So I ajak-ed CM =)
But he say he ask his parents but none answered.
So we assumed it was a no.
Mum even gave me RM100 to go shopping before she went to work =.=
But too bad, I didn't go.
Instead, cm came over to study together =)
So it was another lunch-less day =.=
Watched the so-called-fake-final-destination-by-big didi which my gor downloaded.
If that was the real movie, it's horrible.
Final destination 3 was way way way way way better than this!
Anyway, so CM went to Pasar Ramadhan with his mum at 5pm.
After that me and mum went too =)
Mum spent rm19 just to buy kuih and satay xD
But it was worth it cause it was our dinner =)

Today, woke up damn late.
Normally wake at 6.15 but today woke at 6.40am x_X
After getting ready, I asked mum why she didn't wake me up.
She pula ask me how come I wake so early =.=
So I was rushing this morning cause BM paper 2 starts 7.30am =.=
I was super duper sleepy during exam x_X
Tatabahasa I crapped like shyt =.=
Peribahasa also do wrong.
Omgosh, I hope I don't get B for BM T.T
On top of that, KY was going crazy cause he forgot the main character for Konserto Terakhir novel xD
And so the paper ended =)
Today Ija brought for me some kuih.
It's some bread puding @.@
Got chocolate chips on top =)
Then at 10.20am, BM1 @.@
The first question bout menabung, somehow I had so many questions in the karangan 0.o
Did cerpen x_X
Kinda long and draggy...sigh.
Tomorrow BI.
Let's do Addmaths =)
Another 10 more days till holiday ;)

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