Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now that SPM is nearer, everything reminds me of that time during PMR.
I use to tell tk that I have a bf and my bf's name is PMR =.=
And how I split my personalities when I'm sitting for the paper and when I am just a normal person.
Gahh, memories ^^
And how I ditched PMR after it ended xD
How Brigs used to call my house everyday just to remind me to study.
Now that I'm all grown up, I need to remind myself to study, I need to spare some time to study and play.
I cannot depend on anyone else because it's my future, not theirs.
Trials are in less than 2 weeks.
Add Maths syllabus are not finish =.=
Sir say he will teach after trials =.=
So tomorrow I'll be staying back in school.
Reason : To complete my S.U work and pass everything down to future S.U!
After that will be going to tk's house.
*GULP! A bit scared eh.
I phobia to the tupperware dy T.T
Stupid tk =x

Missyoubadly =[

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