Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I didn't actually thought that I would not go to school for 2 days in a week!
Arggh, influence T.T
Whose fault?
I don't know.
The person that sits next to me in class? =x
Weather influence also =)
Came back from tuition half dead yesterday.
Body temperature wasn't constant.
Felt the chill a while and then was sweating like a cow the next second =.=
Slept off early but woke up cause it was so freaking hot.
Planned to go to school today but ...
When I woke up this morning, it was raining heavily.
As usual, if it rains, mum will say "no need go school larh!"
So I didn't go to school.
After a while being awake, I felt dizzy AGAIN =.=
Then I continued sleeping.
Went to buy breakfast with mum around 9 something.
Haze gila teruk.
Denggi case NAIK.
H1N1 case NAIK.
Haze pun NAIK.
Mum say theres too many people in the world.
So some must die =.=
I just hope I feel better by tomorrow.
I don't wanna skip school anymore T.T
I wanna go to school.
I wanna meet my friends. addmaths =.= sucks.

He was still able to make me smile even when I thought I wasn't able to smile anymore due to the exhaustion. ILY ^^

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