Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meow! =P

School kinda nice today.
Had pelawat =]
The big, huge, gigantic bus came =.=
But if I'm not mistaken, inside only had a few people =.=
Space wastage! xD
Anyway, had program DEAR today. Sienzz...
Then English lesson, we were suppose to discuss bout an essay with the person beside us.
I sat alone today.
Only one table =.= No table beside me.
But stupidly I turned next to me and act like I wanted to discuss with a ghost =.=
Then I ajak-ed tk to sit with me ^^
Coincidencely Angela and KC was M.I.A, so Lynn, tk and I discussed together =)
Those kain bags we use are called recycled bags right?
Lynn call them fashionable go green bags xD
We were making so much noise that teacher turned behind and shouted
"What are you all doing arh? Talking or discussing??!!"
Then Lynn suddenly voice out
"We're talking bout bio-degradable bags" xD
After that had EST. No teacher.
I guai-ly did addmaths =)
Continued with BM.
Today had pembentangan from Uthaya and Vanessa.
The title of the sajak was Sejarah.
And a Sejarah happened today =.=
For the first time, Pn Melati got so angry that she threw a book.
Kay, for 5 minutes the air in the class was filled with fear and silence xD
Then teacher continued with her jokes =.=
Being a dictator in class, commanding everyone =.=
Had recess after that.
Opened the hamper =)
Btw, forgot to announce.
Group 1 a.k.a our drill group, got 1st place!!! =)
Grats to all of us ^^
During Chemistry, we did some latihan teacher gave.
Okay, for once I know how to do ^^
And Angela commented, "Eh, you say you don't know how to do wan??!!"
I replied, "Now I know le!! Cause 'he' teach me le ^^"
Angela : Owh no wonder larh ^^
Moral time is talking time =x
Had some pertandingan menghafal nilai. I did not enter.
Then Bio.
Another worksheet =.=
Wait till 1pm, went teacher-hunting xD
Pn Pei Pei gave me full attendance for Rumah Meranti.
She say all athletes get full mark de ^^
Then go take my certificate and passed around everyones' else.

Study smart kay during the holidays!
Will be missing all my classmates ^^
And then, good luck for trials.
Good luck to those taking arts!
Wei Seng and Hui Jun ^^
Good luck to those taking BC!

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