Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Been gone for 3 days. Nothing much changed, nothing much happened.

Woke up rather early.
Parents wanted to leave house by 7am but ended up leaving at 7 something xD
Thanks to me =x
So we were off to Johor.
On the way, my dad shouted at me =.= for some stupid reason.
Pit stopped at Ayer Keroh, I think @.@
Ate nasi lemak and met up with other relatives from Old Klang Road.
Carried on our journey and reached Kulai at I-don't-know-what-time. xD
As usual, nearly reach the house then only I wanna sleep =.=
Eagerness of a kid =x
Reached 2nd aunt's house then lepak a while.
Cause the hosts had work and will only be back by evening.
Had lunch there, sat, watch tv, in a blink of an eye, it was evening x_X
Cause we were busy folding the money for the dead.
So we decided to go for mass there =)
First time going for mass in Johor.
I don't know what church was that.
Mass went pretty fast.
Reached the house warming by 7.30pm =)
Had dinner.
Then watched tv again =.=
Watched until 12.30am x_X
Went to bed.
This time mum, dad and myself slept in the same room, on a mattress.
Midnight, mum woke up and ask me whether I can fall asleep or not.
I say I can't.
She suggested to remove the mattress, I agreed.
After remove, she took my blanky and USED it =.=
Then she ask me wheres mine =.=
I blur-ly searched for it.
Rupa-rupanya she using mine.
I wanted to tell her but I couldn't stop laughing =.=
Then after she realised it, she also started laughing.
She laugh damn loud till dad woke up and scold =.=
So we tried damn hard to stop laughing and sleep xD

Woke up early in the morning, bathe and ate breakfast.
Then off to my 1st aunt's house to continue folding the money x_X
Damn much to fold.
But got so many hands =)
The house kinda small, and there were more than 20 people there.
Damn lau juak ^^
So then as usual, they throw the coin to see whether the ancestors were here already or not.
Then when afternoon arrived, we throw the coin again and burnt the money =)
After that, LUNCH TIME!!! =D
The dishes were superb!
Had so many nice dishes prepared by 1st Aunt =)
Ate till 1 something.
We went back to Ah Hwa Ee's house.
Somehow I slept off while the elders played mah jong and the youngsters sat in front of the tv.
Woke up at 4 something and went to Tesco with uncle, cousin sis and dad.
Came back around 7, everyone not at home =.=
Only my 2 younger cousins.
They say the rest went to 1st Aunt's house for dinner.
Uncle say wanna send cousin sis back home, so okay lorh.
Me and dad stayed at home.
I kept complaining to dad that I was hungry but he buat x tau nih =.=
When uncle came back, I told him I was hungry.
He say, he and cousin sis eat dy =.=
Wth =.=
They went for dinner without me and dad =.=
Then he ask me want eat what.
I say anything larh.
So he suggested go mamak.
I ask dad whether wanna go or not.
He say don't want
So only we 3 went.
When I came back, everyone ask me why I left dad at home starving.
Like, I ajak-ed him what.
He sendiri don't wanna go, and now I'm getting blame for it =.=
I went into room and mum had this long soal siasat with me =.=
Out of a sudden, aunt came and ask me to apologize to dad. @.@
What I did wrong?
For going for dinner?
Gahh, don't care larh.
Then we celebrated dad's birthday...
I did crossword puzzle, mum did sudoku.
Played computer game with cousin sis.
Slept at 1 something =)

Woke up at 5.20am.
Received a damn damn damn sweet message ^^
Slept back and woke up at 8am.
Bathed, breakfast and left Johor.

So that's about what happened there.
Nothing much to elaborate x_X
Anyway, I'm having eyesore.
Everytime I look up, I can see my eyelid =.=
It hurts even when I blink.
Wee~ That's a reason for not studying =x
2 more days till trials x_X
Why do we need to start with Physics and Chemistry??? T.T
Anyway, good luck all Form 5-ers!

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