Friday, August 14, 2009

Here to blog again.
Nowadays don't know why whenever I open this page, I have no idea what to write =[
Nowadays go school quite meaningless =.=
Today morning had those moral thingy again.
This time we had quiz.
Our team won.
Consist of Ling, Lynn, Yen and me =]
I have no idea why we all used our last name 0.o
But damn cute ^^
So we won that koop bag.
No pink =[
Anyway, after that we went for Chemistry.
Got exercise bout soap and detergent =]
That chapter quite fun =]
Then at 10am went for kawad rehearsel T.T
Somehow kawad till finish school.
Then went lunch with Jian, Mel and didi =]
Then went to tk's house.
Today damn tired.
No mood study.
But at last did addmaths.
Weather damn freaking hot.
And some more tk buli me =.=
He go throw the biscuit tupperware at me T.T
Head damn pain eh T.T
At 5pm I damn tired and sleepy. Wanted to go upstairs to sleep but kena halau by tk =.=
Then went downstairs to do revision AGAIN =.=

Anyway, tomorrow is our anniversary ^^
And also drill competition ^^
Hope and wish that everything will go well tomorrow =)
Thanks for the support Tk and Ern ern =)

Lovingyoumoreandmoreeachday >.<

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