Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late update again =[

Anyway, yesterday, 15th August 2009.
First of all, the end of staying back and practices x_X
What am I talking about?
Had BSM drill competition yesterday.
I do not have any of the pictures.
All in facebook.
So morning had drill competition, wanted to watch finish de lorh T.T
Suddenly dad arrive early to fetch me T.T
The one and only team that I wanted to watch cause thats our only competition. Sigh.
Watched a bit only T.T
Went home at 11am.
End of staying back and suffering xD

Happy 40th Anniversary to 1st Kajang BB Company!!!!! ^^
It's our 40th year, STILL STANDING TALL =)
So ushers had to go to church early for briefing.
Arrived in church at 1.27pm =x
Get ready and off to Sri Kembangan at 2.10pm.
Sat in bus with May San xD xD
She kept talking to me eh xD
Then reached Sri Kembangan and ohmygosh, it was so so so so hot in there x_X
Lucky we had duty to do downstairs =)
Had aircond downstairs.
Thanks for the help and cooperation to Ta, Mel, Bk, Hj, Joshua Ong and a few other members =)
Then had rehearsel. Our last rehearsel =)
Then around 4 something we polished =)
At the kaki lima =.=
Then we get into our Uniform and wait for the guests.
First time being usher @.@
Ok kot.
Quite fun =)
Dinner continued with performance and FOOD =)
Pictures were taken after everything ended but none with me =(
Went home at 11 something.
Damn tired and sleepy.
Dozed off at 1am =)

Woke up extra early today.
7am x_X
As usual, went to Mel's house to study =)
Came home at 2.30 and slept off 0.o
Still got homework to do T.T

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