Sunday, August 23, 2009


Love animals and all living things!
Nature is the only thing we can pass down to our next generationg =)
Other than money which doesn't mean anything =.=
I don't know when those pictures were taken.
But thats a baby bird ^^
Cute cute bird =)
I wanted to give it food after taking pictures of it.
Went in house, came out and it's GONE! T.T
But nevermind larh.

Trials in one week time. Sigh.
I don't think I'm prepared =[
Bio and History, haven't started anything T.T
Don't know what to expect this time x_X

Btw, Han Jon, I can't view your blog, you invited the wrong email address x_X

Gahh, I got nothing to write.
Everything seem to be moving way too too fast for me to catch up.
One day everything seem so far, and the next day it's right in front of me.
No time to think of the next step.
It's either yes or no.
No second thoughts.
Trying to grab every single oppurtunity that approaches me.

Anyway, I hope Thursday jadi larh. Miss ya'll damn damn much T.T
Especially Francesca =[
Hope to see you soon babe!

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