Friday, September 19, 2008

Another day without school =x
Haha. Simply didn't wanna go school. Hehe.
Yesterday was kinda a tiring day. Went COUNSELLING! T.T
Haha. No biggy deal larh. Just to make me calm and make the right decision. Yea, kinda calm now. Learn to forgive and forget. It is easy to forgive but hard to forget. Anyway, moving on.
Today skip school. Yea, said d. What else? LOL
Being STM again -.-
Okay nvm. So today I woke up at nearly 10a. Yup, woke up then study history. I mean just read chapter 1. Bout Meso....boring wan larh.
Then mum came back from market. I went and kheng gai with her. Then kacau her cooking xD
Saw her drink Nescafe, then I also suddenly felt like drinking. It's weird that whatever my mum consume, it looks tasty xD
So yea, I drank a cup. After drinking I feel so uncomfortable, felt like vomiting. But I just tahan only.
Then mum cooked and went to work. Today brunch eat Char Kuy Tiao..So okay, I ate till half then I don't really feel good so I stopped eating and on the laptop.
Then suddenly my feet and hands keep shaking. Heart beat damn fast. Don't know exactly what was happening 0.o
Then it was time I went to bathe. Suddenly I vommited -.-ll
Damn yucks man!
That time my stomach feel kinda pain and damn dizzy. Stupid and lame body I have. After vomit, I bathe. Then I still feel dizzy and hands and feet shaking. Then I try eating something sweet like SWEET xD
I ate the Hacks KY gave the other day xD
After a while then no more shaking liao. Okay liao gua~ Then at 3pm CM reached my house so we went to church.
Then Yang saw hw and taught Chem and also addmaths. Chem I think okay larh. Just remember that / and * de LOL
Then after that we just kheng gai bout school geh things. Then got home by 6 something. Sien lorh need cook -.- Bro wasn't at home.
After cook, online. Then bathe and eat and also watch drama with mum =>

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