Friday, September 19, 2008

Random survey..
How's life?
Ok, I guess.
How's today?
Erm, okay I guess xD
What happened today?
Erm, went BB early. Song practice cancelled. Woke up early in the morning to wrap Josh's present and do the card.
What else?
Erm, stayed back for piano lesson which I already knew how to play. And CAPTAIN BALL!! =)
How was captain ball?
Erm, okay. Was kinda fun. But too long didn't play so karat d.
So...what time you went home?
Erm, after 7pm =x
Was it dark?
What happened?
Umm, one man suddenly stop at me and shouted "woi!".
Then what you did?
Err..I shouted back at him "woi!" Haha, no. How can I do that..I was afraid so I just stopped there. I know, how stupid that was xD
Then what else you saw?
Erm, after walking a while. Saw 3 dogs fighting, 3 dogs chasing after a cat, a cat finding food at the rubbish bin. And nope, I did not dare to look at that huge old tree! I was too afraid, scared suddenly will see something there xD
Okay, end of survey. Bored. Don't know what to do. No dinner T.T
Mum and dad went church for mooncake celebration. Gor went out, as usual. Left me. Haiz.

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