Sunday, September 14, 2008

Okay heres where the fun begins.
I wasn't suppose to go to school on Friday cause I was LAZY =x
But ended up going. So erm, don't know what to say larh. Was kinda bored in school. I didn't know Shagee's place was kinda like a abandon place. Seriously!
Nvm larh. Then some craziness happened in class larh. No comment bout that. What Pavi said is kinda right. You won't know what the person being blamed or blame is thinking unless they tell you bout it or you look at the matter at their perspective. Hmm, kinda useful this tip ^^
So then after school, haiyo the bus came damn late. Some more that GIRL I tell you arh. Haiz. No need tell larh. Wasting my time typing xD
Then reach home at 1.30pm -.-
Then sleep =x
Woke up at 2pm and eat. Then at 2.50pm, off to church. I was super duper sleepy and had test.
Haiz. Cm and TK came. Erm, no comment.
Then carried on with song practice. Erm, very hard to comment. Better not comment.
Then after that went home, I wanted to sleep but don't know why didn't sleep. Then at 7.40pm Sheryl and Ellicia came my house then cm fetch us and went to church for mid-autumn festival celebration. Was kinda fun ^^
Here are some pictures...
Obviously this is before going lorh..

This is what Lynn, Sheryl and I did! =)

That day shuang lorh. Went home at nearly 12am.
Then next day on Saturday woke up at 8.30am. Then just lepak in room for like half an hour then only get ready for song practice xD Then cm came and fetch me then went church. Seph say be there by 10am but started practice after 10.30am -.- Sien lorh. Then chat chat with Jes lorh.
Then start practice and end. xD
Then eat lunch with 'the guys' -.-
I can't believe Wayne can actually judge me through my singing -.- Haiz.
Forget bout it. Reach home like at 1.30pm I think. Then polish and get ready for BB. Dad send to BB. Then start normal BB activity. AND I LOST MY UMBRELLA -.-ll
Btw, Lynn say our worship was damn good. I don't know whether good or not. But somehow it was kinda ok larh. I see the seniors like enjoying. LOL
Normally they don't! =x
Then bla bla bla...End liao. Then go back liao. Reach home straight bathe and get ready to PARTY! xD
HAha. After bathe and get ready all already 6.45pm. Then go Sheryl's house and fetch her to Pei Yee geh house. Then eat eat eat. I was with the guys -.-
But after that I went in the house and play cho dai di xD
Play 6 times, won 5 times =D =D
Then after that had game. I didn't play cause I be photographer xD
Pictures all with Wei Seng. YErr, the punishment damn geli lorh.
Lucky I never join. They played musical chair. This gathering they got invite all their didi mei mei so got people bring along lorh. In the end of the musical chair Lee Jun win lerh! CUTE SIA!
When I play dai di time she keep disturbing me! Damn cute lorh! Haha.
Then after that we play passing message. End of the message damn funny wan -.-
Then we all just stare at the moon xD
The moon like moving de lorh..

Then after that we played truth or dare. Erm, no comment xD
Then after everything done, went home. At like erm, 11.50pm lik dat. Then reach at 12 sumthing lorh. Then I was suppose to complete my SS assignments but I ended up chatting on msn with Doink, Anson and Lynn -.-ll
Haha. Then slept at 1.30am lerh -.-ll
The next morning some more must wake up early.

On Sunday need to go for mass. So I woke up at 7.30am. Damn early sia!
Then lepak at room (normal larh)

Then at 8am went and get ready. Left house at 8.45 with dad. Mum had things to do. Bro lazy bum. Then reach there kinda late liao. I mean it starts at 9.15 but normally everyone will be there by 8.45 de. But then we reach at 9 ma -.-
Then had to sit behind lorh, which I don't like. Cause I too short liao, sure can't see the screen de T.T
Then sit in front of these eastern msian girls. Argh, I got so angry lerh. The girl behind me keep shaking her leg lerh! She keep hitting the kneeling wood, then the wood connected to my pew de ma. Ish, then the pew keep shaking. I felt like turning around and shout at her. But I sabar only. Till the mass end sia! She non-stop shake her leg de lorh. -.-ll
Then after mass was Parents Teachers meeting. Unfortunately, we, kids also have to be in the meeting -.-
All the complains will be unleash to the parents from the teachers. Haiz. So yea, all I say all!
But a while only. At 11.45 the parents left and we continued class like normal. Sudden NEWS!
Next week is our EXAM! Haiz. Another BIG EXAM to study for! T.T
7 Sacraments? Erm, okay larh. At least we have the tips. Swts larh, Sandra make punya Q sure damn damn damn damn damn damn damn x50 TOUGH wan T.T
But still got interview worries =)
After class end I went to the field to wait for my dad. He made me wait for half an hour!! ARgh!
Then reach home, dad buy lunch, I eat. Then off to LM. Buy books then off to KL CM.
Then look for books but no stock. So...on way home go McD drive-tru..Damn lame I tell you. My dad ordered 2 cone ice-cream then he took and park his car and ate in the car -.-ll
Damn lame lerh! But that time raining larh.
Then came back liao. Tonight wan play lantern =x
Alone T.T Biasa larh. Haha. Headache lerh. Tomorrow must stay back sumore. Haiz.

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