Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another random day. But quite special =)
Like every normal Sunday, wake up early in the morning.
Suddenly feel leg pain again -.-
Like last time lorh. Can't take up leg. 2nd time liao. Don't know what's wrong also.
Then went for Cathecism.
Hmm, today exam. Yesterday exam, today also exam. Next week BB got talk, Cathecism also talk -.- So ngam de.
Wah, exam. I don't know what to comment also. A few bonus questions but overall I don't know de 0.o
Got 3 teachers ma, so 3 papers -.-ll
1st paper that was handed out was Sandra's paper. Only around 5 questions but all kinda like essay type -.-ll
First q ask bout the 3folds mission of Christ -.-
Walao, I left that q first cause not sure what was that. Then second q was the 7 gifts. Forgot a few. Then was Holy Spirit thingy, then confirmation thingy and the last one I forgot le.
Then after 5 minutes, she gave another paper. I think that one is Jacky's paper. 2 pages!!!
First q bout one of the martyrs -.-
Then why is witnessing Christ not easy.
Then about cultural death. I was like wth is that? Haiyo. Then got the percepts of the church. Again I blurr @.@ LOL
Then got ask bout the 7 sacraments. That one all also know larh -.-
Then 3rd paper, 1st q is the order of the mass -.- I remember the first 4 order nia. Another 4 I simply write but ada kena mengena wan larh -.-
Then ask why the church don't allow the usage of condoms, contraceptors and also pre-marital sex -.-
Then last one was something I forgot le xD
All the q like essay type then we mengadu to teacher. She say you all f4 students should be able to answer it -.-ll
Haha. Nvm, forget it.! It's SO OVER! =D
After finish paper straight can go out liao. So we just lepak in church lorh. Then dad call to ask for IC num to register for Jogathon. Then he intro me to one aunty -.-
That aunty say wah, your luii so leng luii wan -.-ll
Damn pai seh man! Then Edmund look at me like one kind. Haiz. Weird people xD
Then after like half an hour then balik rumah! =>
Reach liao lie on bed listen to music. Sien. Then on the drama for myself to watch. Hehe. Then eat lunch and continue watching drama with mum till 2.55 xD
Then go church and mamak with Fong, SY, HM and XL.
Talk talk talk then suddenly doink and Jian came. Got one aunty don't know want complain what bout the bus driver de ask HM and XL to help write. HAha. Damn long lorh. Then suddenly Fong talk bout the BNTS thing. He say that time when I do presentation damn much expression. Walao, I really didn't notice that xD
Suddenly feel like I miss the whole BNTS people. Especially our coaches xD
Then after that walk home alone again. Sien. Next time choose to cycle. Hehe. That's all lorh. Got a lot hw to do sumore. T.T
Walao, yesterday night I dreamt that someone took my handphone and accidentally deleted all my smses. Walao, I was crying in my dream. I was so so so freaking sad man! Don't know why also. Haha. But I think if really all got deleted, I will cry also xD

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