Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Uhm, lazy to update bout the previous week xD
Okay, I gave Sandra the wrong info bout our school exam and...we're all in great deep shyt!
Exams starts on 8th Oct. Well, what else in Oct? Like EVERYTHING!
Interview, SS exam, Founder's day, Community Service! WTH! And now teacher wanna make the jamuan during Raya? Lucky I said no, if not sure x_x
Okay, so that's practically what I'm gonna be doing in Oct! Hell larh!
I'm so gonna tell Sandra to tangguhkan the community service. Oh no, 2 exams in one month? Haiz.
And why must our final exam start before PMR? Isn't it suppose to be PMR first? 0.o
2 more chapters on Physics. Well, a lot more to go for Sejarah -.-
2 more for addmaths, but he's already planning to finish it as soon as possible, which is what GOOD teachers do, unlike our history teacher. She's HISTORY man! Eh, wait, she can't be history, cause then all of us must remember her. She's nothing, FULL-STOP!
Maths? Erm, why don't I feel like I'm learning maths? Weird! @.@
Chemistry, finally got the mole part! =) Now must move on to the other chapters between acid and alkali -.-
Bio? Haiz. Another problem. Gotta read more.
Conclusion of these statements?
Less online, revise MORE!
HAha. Yea, that's what I'm suppose to do! Better go buy a Chemistry rujukan book NOW!
I always say later. It has been like 4 months since I said later? LOL
That shows how unconcerned I am about my studies =x
Okay, one more thing. I haven't been completing my SS works since like 4 months ago?? =x
So now I have double work and this Sunday is Parents Teachers Meeting!
Haiz. Work work work, study study study, assignment assignment assignment!
Tired, tired, tired, frust, frust, frust, crazyness! LOL
But I don't feel stress, maybe for NOW.
Btw, I'm so gonna screw history this time and I don't even CARE! This week will be the last week for fun and games then the whole 3 weeks more will be serious study and concentration in class. No more fooling around and online-ing late at night just to hang out or chat with friends. No matter how important or entertaining it is! Control yourself, dear Felicia!
And also SMILE more! Make other people's day brighter for God will bless you!

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