Monday, September 01, 2008

Okay, well I know its been like a few days that I've stopped updating. It's not my fault OKAY!
It's the holidays' fault! Too many holidays made me super duper LAZY! But hey, I'm lazy alrite!
Even in the drama! xp
Haha. Okay so now I'm here to update so that humans that care can read bout my life..
So yea, my last update was on Tuesday. Wednesday was schooling like normal I guess. Couldn't actually recall what happen. I just can remember HOAB was staring at me when in barisan time xD
And then after school had THE DRAMA xD
Then on thursday I remember when Shagee and I went out of school, all my bus-mates weren't there! So we decided to walk down to the bus stop and ....we saw most of the science students there.
Then was Friday, it was a own-declare-holiday xD
wakaka. Nothing happened I think. the evening went for the Inter-religion Talk. Wow, it was actually INTERESTING! LOL
After one week didn't go. And thank goodness I did not go for Hinduism! They say it was super duper boring! So yea, here are some info from what I get from the talk..
The speaker was a university lecturer..named Vijaya Samarawickrama..hmm.
I was shocked to see an indian's name. Honestly. He came late. Owh, late-comers! xD
I thought, oh no, it's so gonna be boring and all. But when he started he was actually quite good.
Very good in fact!
So he told the story of the Buddha.
His dad was a king, and obviously his mum is a queen larh -.-
Then they old d still no kids. Got one night, his mum sleeping time had a dream. A white elephant came into her womb and the next day she was pregnant!
And the speaker stopped there and tell that he always advice his students not to use the same trick on their parents. LOL
The next day your parents see you pregnant, you go tell them, "Owh, yesterday the white elephant entered my womb" -.-ll
Then he continued...
On the 10th month of pregnancy, she suppose to go back to her dad's house to deliver the baby. But halfway there, her labour pain attacked. So while holding a tree branch and standing up, she gave birth.
Again the speaker stopped and said...
"She had a really fast delivery. Why? Cause gravity ma. Nowadays arh..we all go hospital..lie down on the say PUSH, PUSH...we say PAIN, PAIN -.- The doctors never learn bout gravity arh.."
Then he say "We wait, you all arh, next time wan give birth, deliver standing larh! That's the way to give birth" -.-ll
Then he continued, after the delivery, the queen patah balik to the palace. Wanna go to her dad house sumore for what -.-
Hmm, on the 5th day she died.
Then blablabla...long story lerh.
But many jokes in the middle. He say life changes a lot.
This man told him before marriage he was damn happy. A few days after marriage, he came back from work, his wife brings the slipper and the dog runs around the house. A few years later, he comes back from work, the dog brings the slipper, the wife runs around the house xD
Then he say larh. For buddhism, its all about the mind. Suffering means not getting something you want. So if your mind don't want anything, there won't be suffering.
Other than that, he got tell bout Wesak Day. He say that's the day all the Buddhist house will be empty cause all will be out there causing traffic jams -.-
Then he tell bout the 5 Precepts.
*Undertake the training rule to:
-abstain from killing
-taking what is not given
-sexual misconduct
-taking intoxicants
Then he say got one friend teased him..
Asking why he always go temple meditate and all but he only driving a Proton Wira, that friend of his follow the 5 precepts and don't go temple now driving a Mercedez Bens -.-
Then he was thinking, my dog also don't do the 5 precept...means his friend and the dog SAMA SAJA xD
Then don't know sampai where liao he suddenly talk bout hair -.- FYI, he's bald.
Then he say larh. HAIR is the most useless thing on earth. And he continued saying.."God made a few heads perfect and others He covered with hair" ZADOU!
Got someone ask what is MIND. He say mind is matter. So what is not matter? Nevermind -.-
Overall it was really funny larh. Can't recall all but it was great. If the audience was a freethinker, he would have already brainwashed the audience to join Buddhism!
And oh yea, he say got one student in his U was isi-ing a borang. Name, he wrote his name. Age and all filled perfectly. When it came to AGAMA: he wrote "Buddshit" -.-ll
Then he was like..if you wear that string on your hand and don't amalkan good things then you are a buddshit! xD
Got a few more jokes if write here also won't be funny. So no point!
So we'll skip that. At night I went offline at 1am. And started reading the book I borrowed from Richard Nixon. Had 3 stories in it. But couldn't finish.
So on Saturday, no BB -.-
Early morning, at 6.30am, SMS alert came in!! ZADOU! Manarina sms me asking whether I wished Leonard -.- Omgosh so damn early man! So we were both finding for Leonard's num and guess what? I have his num in my contact list -.- Then Avril smsed me in the morning -.- Okay nvm...then I slept back. Woke up at 9am again and finished the book.

At 2pm went to KL. Stucked in jam for 1 hour. Then finally reach UO. Went in and up to the girl's department! xDThen choose choose choose, get 1 pants and 1 t-shirt nia -.-

Then went up to men's department cause dad wanted to buy shirt. So okay, then mum called on the cellphone. She say she downstairs. So after that went down to the supermarket. Wah, buy damn many things lerh. Resit up to nearly rm200 xD
Then bring all the stuffs to the car and walked to Petaling Street for dinner. That time 6.30pm liao. So ate there and while walking went into souvenir shops and also bag shops cause we were hunting for camping bag. Then reach home at around 8pm I think. That was all larh.
Then Sunday, woke up at 10am. Suddenly hp got 5 msgs -.-
Francesca ask me whether going for SS. Then I was like, eh today holiday larh. Ada SS ka? Then she say got. But I know the rest not going, thats why I also selamba only xD So didn't go. Whole day at home nia.
Then at night I was reading a book. An all jokes book. Damn freaking thick! But damn nice. Will update the jokes later in another post.
Today is dad's birthday. Hmm, nothing special happen. I didn't buy anything for him. Somehow I feel bad T.T But he bought butter cake..ish, don't like butter cake and recently all having CB with him. So too bad larh..blek! Anyway, I pray that God will bless him and most importantly my whole family so that we will all be together as long as I'm living in this world! =)

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