Friday, September 26, 2008

Kay lets see..
Today is Friday..
Haha. Sumore need to say merh -.- Lame
Many Alfa people decided not to go school. But I rajin-ly went to school =) Gual luii ma =x
Haha. Went school then do BM pemahaman homework in form 3 class there.
Then gate open le, go up put bag and then went for assembly. Today had speech from Pengetua bout "I duno what she said" xD xD
haha. Today Alfa the first 2 rows only Pavi, Angela and I went.
So then I moved back and sat with Pavi in class. Just as I expected, NO EST -.-ll
Then Moral go lab then something larh xD
Then right..after Moral Pavi scared got spotcheck so we went Bilik Guru to pass the handphone to Pn. K. =)
Then she ask us to hantar some papers to Bilik Koko. Went there then saw Sir Remi then Pavi say want go his house for Raya so I asked for his house address =x =x
Then he wrote in my Moral book! =)
Then went up to class and continue studying. Erm, Bm learn tatabahasa till recess. Hehe. Then Pavi and me talking stories all till rehat then only we wanna pass up out books then teacher say Haiyo, now only want pass up xD xD
Then recess in class. After recess BI, got presentation. After that erm..TK ask to ask Sir for his hp num xD xD
Then PAvi and I decided to go Bilik Disiplin xD
But he not there. Then we were like aiya nvm larh. Then want go Bilik Guru take Pavi's hp. At the junction there suddenly Sir appeared. I just stand there nia. Didn't know how to ask. Pavi walk away -.- Then suddenly I walk towards him and say, Cikgu, nak tanya sesuatu. Then Pavi came back. I ask her to ask but she ask me to ask -.-
Then I suddenly tell Sir, Sir, takut sesat xD xD
Then he ask back, Owh, you want my number? Haha. Yup!! xD xD
Then he gave me a marker pen and I wrote it in my book!
After walking away, Pavi realised how immatured we were xD
Haha. Its damn funny larh. Then we told everything to Pn Gnanambal.
Then after school liao. Bus again came late. Reached home at 1.30 then straight sleep xD
I didn't even changed my Uniform =x
Haha. Too tired le.
Then after wake up straight go church =)
The when want come back time raining. Haiz. Came back, good news. Bro cook =)
Anyway, today wanted to write poem de. Wrote 2 lines in the morning before I left house but couldn't find anymore inspiration after that =)

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