Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiring day~

3rd day past, just like that.
Had a busy day today.
Lets start with morning.

Woke up at 7 something. Sms-ed him.
Continued sleeping.
Till 8, woke up and sms him again.
Then at 8.30, woke up again, wash face, change and off to market with dad.
Mum ask to go market to buy bedsheets =D
Reached home at 10am.
Had 45 minutes to eat and prepare myself for song practice.
Ate half of my nasi lemak and put the rest in the tupperware to bring to BB =D
Reached BB at 10.50 =D
Early by 10 minutes.
But song practice started late cause song leader was late!
Haha. But overall okay gua~ =)
After song practice, straight communication badge exam.
Wth =.=
Me and Ta start first.
It was really really funny!
Ta started showing signs to me and I was basically blurring the whole time =.=
Sorry Ta!
Had lotsa fun going through the exam with u though =D
After that I showed sign to Jason Wong.
Anson kept giving him pressure =.=
And asking him to skip =.=
Kesian him lerh!!!
After that Ta and I just lepak xD
So much happened during the exam.
Can't express it out in words.
You must be there to witness it to feel what I feel xD
Thanks to Ta for brightening my day, although you didn't notice it =D
Then had theory and that's it for the exam =)
Ate lunch and waited for briefing =.=
At 3pm, BB started..
Begun with praise and worship.
Then helped Lois carry table to her station.
Had a funny conversation..
Lois : Eh, help me carry table there.
Me : Kk.
Lois : Eh, you can bo?
Me : Why cannot? I so strong!
Lois : Huh? You so skinny worh!
Me : Eh, you don't talk so much, you skinnier than me xD
Omgosh, I can't believe I talked like that to a Corporal during BB time xD
Station game started.
My station was kinda a disaster, as usual =.=
Not a program person.
Not an organizing person.
Just a participating person =)
At 5pm, we had CAPTAIN BALL!!! Wee~
Squad 2 only had 2 people!!! xD
So other squads had to donate people to us..hehe.
So, Jia Juin, Lawrence, Yin Yee, that small girl =x, one of the twin which I don't know which one and Jason Wong came to our squad =D
First match with Squad 1..lalala, as usual, KALAH =P
Then with squad 3, as usual again, KALAH =P
It's okay, we smiled the whole game and had lotsa exercise =D
Did not have enough time to play with squad 5.
Even if we play, sure lose gao gao xD
After dismiss, rushed home.
Bathed and off to church x_X
Damn sleepy and hungry but had to tahan =(
Till 8.30pm, went for dinner.
Wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh.
Went Bt. 9, but no more.
So went to Taman Orkid.
Damn full x_X
Went to Econsave to walk and digest food after that xD
Came back and sms-ed him for a while.
Okay, maybe not a while but I felt it was super duper short period of time.
Hmm, haven't got use to it. Sorry.
Then watched a movie.
"The Crush"
Scary lerh.
Don't know how to say.
Btw, Avril called me TALL! =D
First time people call me tall ^^
So here I am, still awake, not able to fall asleep.
Although I need to wake up early tomorrow for no reason =D
Kinda bored now =(

Thinking back bout the past.
It was really nice when we sms-ed the whole day.
Things are changing.
Maybe for the good.
And it's permanent.
When things change, we're advised to change ourselves to adapt to the surrounding.
Trying to..

There's too many what if in my head now @.@
Should not think anymore cause it might make me go kereizi! =P

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