Friday, January 08, 2010

Weirdly I'm msn-ing with my gor @.@
We're talking about his ex future mother-in-law =.=
So, weird things happened recently!
Had 2 weird phone calls again today.
The phone rang, I ran to the phone, picked it up and the person on the other side hung up @.@
Anyway, today went for prayer meet =)
Second time in this BEC =x
After nearly one year staying here xD
Erm, so few people went.
Before prayer started, the ADULTS had their usual TALK.
We children, okay there were only 3 teens there, listened to them x_X
Then prayer started and ended.
Then they continued with their talk =.=
They talked bout politics @.@
Funny weyh!
Anyway, another funny thing was, today had family meeting =.=
Gor's girlfriend's parents and grandmum came to my house =.=
Her mum asked my parents to advise her daughter to break up with my gor =.=
Sweat giler man!
They had this funny talk larh =.=
Damn sweat punyer.
I hear pun nak gelak.
Very obvious her mum doesn't like my gor lorh.
Some more want give don't know what excuse.
Konon, some life cycle @.@
Then suddenly talk bout religion @.@
Anyway, that meeting lasted for more than an hour. Amazing!
After that they left, then mum, gor and I had another chat xD
Quite fun =)
Anyway, phone line weak now, can't seem to send any sms-es out =(
Miss him a lot =(

Good news, or bad news.
Parents know bout me and him already =) =(
Don't know what to feel anyway @.@
But at least now they know ^^
Thank goodness Mel's parents agree bout both of us together.
Hopefully my parents will to.
Mum agrees anyway.
She will be happy if I'm happy ^^
So, hopefully everything goes well.
Hopefully I don't get another voiceless phone call tomorrow T.T
Kinda phobia against staying home alone =(

Missingyoualot! Hopeyoumissmetoo =)

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