Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Weird stuff happening @.@
Yesterday night, when I was playing bejeweled in gor's room, out of a sudden dad came running to the room and asked, "Where's mummy?!"
I said, "Err, downstairs larh!"
Today when I woke up, mum told me that dad told her that she's going to be rich =.=
Which means, he's gonna die.
Wth =.=
He say that this weekend, he will be going to the cemetery to order the plot where he wanna be buried =.=
Heh! I asked dad to buy for me The Sims 3 =x
Hope he comes back with it TODAY xD
Anyway, for this holiday, which I don't know how long will it be, I will have 3 books to read =)
I don't know why I bought those books @.@
Randomly picked.
Anyway, just now, around 4pm, the house phone rang.
When I picked up, no one was speaking =.=
Suddenly remember bout one movie.
But till now nothing had happened, so I guess everything's normal =.=
Line damn unstable lerrhhhh...
Hate streamyx =.=
Another day passed by just like that x_X
Hope tomorrow will be a better day =)

Anyway, mum finally feel pity on dad =.=
Cause nowadays he's in so much of pain.
One day he will say his leg pain,
the next day he will say his mouth bengkak..
So mum pity him.
And he accompanied us for 3 consecutive days of shopping without complaining bout his sufferings =)
Although he did made some unhappy face cause we were using his $$ xD

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