Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview =D

Yesterday I went for interview in Leisure Mall.
Hmm, mum last minute call and told me to go myself.
That time the clock was already showing 3pm!
The interview is at 4pm.
So I rushed to the bus stop.
Saw TWO buses going up Awana =.=
So I waited.
I was so damn nervous!
Not because of the interview, cause I was afraid I would reach there late and leave a BAD first impression.
After half an hour of waiting, the bus finally comes.
In addition, it was raining that time.
I had to use an umbrella.
And because of the umbrella, I had to take a bag along.
So, I reached opposite LM at 3.50pm =.=
Suddenly, felt like going toilet =.=
So I went toilet and reach the front of Kenny Rodger restaurant at 4pm SHARP =D
To my surprise, there were other people there for interview too.
So, it was another queue =.=
Waited AGAIN!
After 2 applicant, it was my turn.
The questions were crap though.
She asked the questions written on one of the paper she was holding =.=
So, the result is..WAIT AGAIN =.=
Wait for confirmation.
Will know by next week.
Guess who I met there?
Weird man!
Ok, he still look super fair as usual =.=
After that, I just walked around LM.
Wanting to find another job =x
Then I bumped in to my aunt and cousins.
They didn't even recognize me =.=
I'm so unrecognizable. *is there even such word?
Then I went to JM there to just lepak xD
Too sien, LM IS SO SIEN!! =x
Then mum called and told me she was on her way to LM =)
Met up with mum, shopped in Giant.
Then went home.
Btw, mum wanna belanja me eat A&W's Double Fortune xD
She say cheap worh @.@
Went home feeling hungry and tired.
Had mee goreng at home and after that, back to being a couch potato xD
Mum asked me a question..."Why? Very sad arh haven't got a job?"
With my tired face, I answered.."Yea lorh, sien eh everyday at home do nothing."
Mum.."Okay larh, I hire you! You clean the house. Everyday I give you rm20."
Me.."Really arh?! xD Then tomorrow I start work k?"
So that's why I'm EMPLOYED! =D
Today, before mum left for work.
Mum..."I want you to gao tim the upstairs k?"

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