Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another update.

On Friday, 22nd of January, went out with Lynn, Han Jon didi, Khai Yoong, Kah Hoe and Mel =)
The original plan was to go out with my school friends but last minute canceled =.=
Anyway, so that morning all of us gathered in TS at 11 something.
Wanted to sing k but it was too costly for guys.
Special price for girls though.
So, we decided to watch a movie.
Lynn left us for lunch with her game friends =.=
So we picked the movie.
Haunted University @.@
The banner LOOKED scary.
After purchasing tickets, we went out of TS to get lunch.
That place kinda sucks =x
Not that place suck larh, the food.
Kah Hoe didn't eat anything cause he had cirit-birit the night before xD
After lunch, we went and find Lynn.
According to HJ, she was around the corner, at some Teochew restaurant.
Went to 3 restaurants but couldn't find her.
Worried she got kidnap =x
Sms her and found out she was already in TS @.@
So went and find her.
We went to Nikon shop @.@
Found her there.
Then went for the movie =D
Erm, it was a comedy @.@
Real comedy =x
I can't believe the ghost in the movie was so GOOD!!!
It was an okay movie if it was rated as a comedy =x
After the movie, we bumped into Lynn's game friends.
She ditched left all of us and went with them =.=
So the ones left by her walked around TS directionless.
Went hunting for Ric's gift.
Then KFC!!! xD
Enjoyed it a lot xD
After that KY and KH went to Bukit Jalil for badminton open.
HJ, mel and I went back.
HJ smsed Lynn to ask whether she wanna follow us home.
She never reply.
Again that thought came to us, "She kena kidnap ka?" =.=''
Reached LM, suddenly ran. Adui...
HJ's mum fetched him home.
Mel's parents sent me home =) "THANKS!"

The next day.
Another usual BB day.
Not that usual, I can say =D
Walked to BB =x
Wanted to gam fei =x
Cause somehow mum say I fat le T.T
That day she ask me try out a skirt.
Then she saw the fat on my tummy and started her old time stories..
"Last time when I was your age, my waist only 20, until I deliver your gor also still the same"
OMGOSH! Now I'm like 26 =(
Hopeless larh me.
So wanted to gam fei lorh =P
Stupidly, on that day, I was rushing!
Had meeting at 12, so I quickly get ready and left house at 11.30.
Walk and walk, with that heavy boots.
Reach Alam Jaya, my leg started to hurt a little bit.
I didn't bother, continue walking.
Till Taman Orkid, I felt like a knife was slicing the back of my leg.
Every step I take hurt damn much.
I thought, "Gonna reach le, walk faster!"
But damn pain, so I forced myself to walk.
Reached church, talked to Pastors for a while.
Then Lye greeted me from BB room.
So I rushed there and took off my boots immediately.
Legs had blister but unfortunately it already pop-ed x_X
The skin was peeled out and I was so scared to cut it out =.=
So I went to toilet to wash the wound and just stick a plaster on it xD
Smart ass huh? xD
BB activity wasn't that usual today.
We didn't had drill *thank God*, instead we had games =)
Then captain ball =.=
Too bad I couldn't play.
I get to hold caps, handphones and keys =.=
They even had girls match, which I only get to see from the audience view and support both group @.@ haha
Fun though, being a spectator =)
After dismiss, Sir Max sent me home.
We talked bout politics and future plans. Wee~
That night, all my noon effort of gam fei-ing was flushed down the deepest toilet bowl =.=
We went for BBQ steamboat.
Ate like mad =x
No larh.
Ate mostly mushroom =)
Went there to celebrate Ric's birthday.
When we sang birthday song, he go stand beside Yang =.=
It was as if we were singing to Yang.
Then after the song ended, he go shake hand with Yang as though he was wishing Yang =.=
After that, went Sg Chua...
Then went home.

Sunday =)
Was suppose to go shopping =.=
Dad busy for 3 days =.=
Busy for some inter-religious thingy.
Mum damn em song =x
He he.
So I spent the whole day lying down on the couch =.=
I'm a couch potato =x
Erm, that's about it for Sunday I guess.

Monday will be another home-alone-boring day. Sigh.
Anyway, I got the dates mixed up.
26th is Tuesday =.=
So my interview is on Tuesday.
I have only RM5 left =)
I know I won't starve =D

That's all.

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