Tuesday, January 05, 2010

LATE Update!

It's the beginning of another year =)
2010 to be exact.
So, hmm, spent 3 consecutive days SHOPPING with my family ^^
Anyway, went for midnight mass on the 31st of Dec.
Didn't get to see any fireworks but heard some from church ground.
Reached home around 12 something, dad made mushroom soup.
He don't even know how to open the can =.=
He made his finger got cut and bleed damn much.
So I donated a plaster =P
After that was bedtime and woke up early on New Year =)
Went to Midvalley with parents.
Shopping whole day.
Till 6 something.
Came home then went to Thanusha's house for New Year Party with family @.@
After that went home and went out yam cha.
The next day went to Sungei Wang with parents x_X
Dad wanted to use up the RM100 voucher.
So he shop for a WHITE shirt and his slackers.
We round the whole Parkson men department for 4 rounds =.=
Damn tiring lerh.
In the end only bought one of his white shirt =.=
Then bought a t-shirt and jeans for me =x
In the evening, went for mass.
Damn tired.
After mass, went to Leisure Mall to celebrate tk's birthday.
First person to turn 18+ among our friends =D
Ate at Old Town, then to Wong Kok @.@
Ate Secret Recipe cake there @.@
Was there till 12 something.
On the 3rd my whole family went to Midvalley =)
Had lunch in Connaught pan mee.
But kinda sien.
Stand in Jusco whole day.
Mum didn't wanna follow me.
She keep following gor cause she wanna buy stuffs for him.
I can't walk alone cause dad didn't have his handphone with him, so I had to babysit him =.=
In the end I didn't get to buy nor see anything.
Then go carrefour also I didn't get to buy my things.
After that went for dinner in Sri Hartamas =)
Then home sweet home...
Went out with Mel =P
Went to find for a job.
Ended up all ask to write name and phone number and that's it @.@
Then we went for a movie ; Alvin and the Chipminks!
NICE! ^^
Then we went and see CM and JM =)
Hmm, today, stay at home...will be going out for dinner with friends tonight =)

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