Thursday, January 21, 2010


Serious addiction towards The Sims 3.
Yes, I now have a happy family.
A perfectly normal woman that got married to a workaholic ghost.
They then had a son who is brilliantly talented and then a daughter who is a ghost!
Now they are expecting another baby, unknown gender =)
Anyway, miss Mabel a lot @.@
How come geh 0.o
I also don't know.

So, my yam cha times are getting less and less.
Good improvement =)
Better don't go out too often cause I now have money issues!
Not working, not earning, some more want to go out?
Where to get the money?
So, the best solution is to NOT GO OUT.
Can't wait for Chinese New Year to arrive.
Can't wait to be back in Penang.
Can't wait to cram in one small flat xD
Can't wait to meet my relatives.
Another CNY in Penang.

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