Friday, January 29, 2010

My position.

I guess it isn't easy to be a GIRL.
In my family, girls are said to be useless zzz
And we don't get what we want, usually.
What I noticed so far..
Like everyone knows, I have been wanting a cross necklace for every single Christmas since I was Std 6.
It has been about 5 years + till this very day.
But it has never been granted.
Today, my gor asked for a cross necklace too.
I told gor that he will never get it from dad cause I had been wishing for it since 5 years ago.
To my suprise, dad said...
"What? You want arh? Okay, Sunday go church I buy for you!"
Is this even FAIR?
Gor gets everything he wants and I have to depend on some other relatives to get I want and sometimes maybe depend on my freaking self.
Gor wants computer, he got it in his room.
He wanted streamyx, he got it.
My laptop is given by my uncle.
Internet connection wire, bought by my cousin, requested by mum. At least mum still cares.
Wanted calculator for SPM examination.
Dad bought it once for me. After getting it stolen, no more calculator.
Went through SPM with a PMR level calculator.

Don't know why, nowadays when night falls, my head starts to spin.
Not only spin, it hurts pretty bad.

Hmm, whatever it is.
Life's temporary.
Nothing last forever.
Another few months and I'll be busy with studies =D
Can't wait for that time.
Now I'm just wasting my bloody time doing nothing.
Worrying about everything.
Friends disappearing from thought?
Errrrmmm, maybe.
Nothing worth to be remembered.
Call me or text me if you still think I'm your friend, or else, just be gone.

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