Monday, January 24, 2011

Midnight fun.

So basically I will be blogging about what I did last weekend :)
Saturday was kind of a headache day, don't wanna mention why.
It was just a plain Saturday with usual activities.
Then, Sunday arrived ;)
Woke up in the morning and watched Meet the Spartans!
I can say, it was a kind of dumb movie =.=
Not very funny and a little waste of time.
But nevermind because I was waiting for time to pass anyway.
At 1.25pm, I left for choir practice ^^
We chose a Cantonese song.
Erm, to me, it was a little bit alien-ish =x
But it is a nice song, not sure if it is suitable for a choir to sing it @.@
After practice, we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan xD
Ate lunch there.
It is always fun when Mel and Jes are around xD
Then I had to come back :(
In other words, back to wasting time =x
Mum said dinner was at 8.30 so around 7.45 I wanted to bathe and dad say NO, it is at 8.
So I didn't bathe and went for prayer meet =.=
Then had dinner there.
It was basically a prayer meet + farewell for Uncle Daniel and family.
They are migrating to Australia.
I don't really know them so I don't care! =P
Dinner was nice!
All the food there are food that I was suppose to restrain from =.=
Like sambal chicken, sambal egg, sambal wild boar, mutton and prawns fried with cili padi =.=
The only food I was suppose to be able to eat was vegetables =.=
End up I ate everything xD
Then we got back home around 10pm.
Helped mum make nga ku.
I can't say fry because I didn't help to fry, I just filter the oil and put them inside the tin :(
After frying, dad suddenly asked whether we wanted to go Carrefour.
Mum say ok and dragged me along.
So we bathed and went to Carrefour at 11.15pm!
YES! 11.15PM!
It closes at 1am!
So we went there, grab whatever we wanted and shopped!
Mum decided to let me change my shampoo from Rejoice to Pantene because Rejoice is not suitable for my hair anymore =|
Then I got Oligo Coco =x And a free Mickey Mouse bag =x
And so much more stuffs which worth up to Rm128.
Before we went to the counter, we counted how much the things worth because above Rm128 got RM8 cash voucher rebate.
We were lack of around RM12.
So mum went and grab the pineapple tarts, and tadaa, it was Rm128.25 :)
And when we left Carrefour, it was super quiet because it was already 12.30AM!
Reached home, decided to go online (which was a bad choice) and stayed on until 2am =.=

Hoping for a better week :)


papermeh said...

ur mom's so cool, spend RM 12 to get a RM 8 rebate...

``Felicia Kok. said...

cool arh?