Thursday, January 20, 2011

A day out with the GUYS.

So yesterday I went to Times Square and Sungei Wang again!
Morning I was kind of lazy to wake up =x
Got ready and all and waited for Chee Ming.
He was late =x
But good thing about him being late was, we walked out of the house, before crossing the road, the bus came!
It was truly a good sign for the day.
Because usually the bus would take up to one hour to arrive =.=
Anyway, got up the bus and Chee Ming asked me, "Eh, actually today we go for what?"
Okay, then we arrived at Hang Tuah LRT station and started walking heading to TS at around 11am.
And Teck Kien who went up the bus from his place first reached after us! =x
After he reached, we decided to go eat first.
Teck Kien's food was rather special to me because I've never tasted it =x
No pictures of food, sorry!
Then we walked around to shop for Teck Kien's mum's dress! HAHA!
Then met up with Jessica and Lois ^^
The whole day was fun!
We get to step on tk's long-sweeping-the-floor-trousers ;)
We talked like the "can-try" promoter =x (inside joke)
And we gave each other plenty ofopinions!
Like, A LOTTTTTT of opinions!
Tk still didn't manage to buy his big size t-shirt.
Anyway, so I spent like more than RM61 yesterday!
Yea! :(
Kinda sad.
But it was worth it, I guess.
Let's see what I bought.
2 singlets worth RM5 each.
Purple shoelace to match my sneakers, RM5.
A dress worth RM15 ^^
And a hair treatment spray for dry hair worth RM25 :(
I used RM6.50 for fried rice, RM1.30 for some herbal drink.
So that totals up to RM60+ :)
And CM treated me McD's Twister ice-cream!
It was superb! ^^
Thanks a lot!

I noticed, every guy has their own style!
CM buys normal sneakers.
TK buys Supra =.=
And mel buys a matured shoe xD

Oh yea, mum brought back 3 sneakers and 1 flat shoe for me.
It is all my size!
Grats to me xD

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