Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is my first day of my 2nd semester holiday.
Yesterday was my last paper.
Yesterday was really an enjoyable day!
First, I got to have lunch with Chee Ming and Joshua Ng.
And guess what?
I saw a staff seargent in TARC!
He took a look at me and said, "BNTS right?!"
Everytime he sees me, he says that!
The last paper was quite tough, for me.
I crapped a lot, but hopefully my craps turn out to be something important ;)
It was pretty amazing that in 45 minutes time, there were so many people that left the hall!

After exam, Chee Ming, Mel and I went to Times Square!
CNY clothing hunting! ^^
Then we wanted to eat at the regular Chinese shop, but we went there and it was replaced with a clothing shop =.=
So, we decided to go Leo's instead.
After eating and all, we walked.
2 shops away from Leo's was where the Chinese shop shifted to!
I wanted to scream so badly!
Nevermind though, tomorrow I am going again!

Mel bought a pair of shoe, it looks great! :)
And it comes with 6 pairs of socks!
How come girls' shoes doesn't come with socks? :(
I don't know what I wanna buy for CNY.

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