Sunday, January 16, 2011

The last battle.

Tomorrow will be the last day of exam for this semester.
I do not have any plans for the holiday.
But I'm sure that watching movie on PPS and engaging myself into more Facebook games is in the list xD
Even during exam weeks I am already so into Facebook games and watching movie.
I know Cityville is a dumb game. Like seriously =.=
Building a virtual city? =.=

Oh yea, that day before ITS exam, I suddenly remembered that the letter I wrote in English exam, I didn't include a name =.=
WTH larhhhh~
I wrote a letter but did not enclose it with a name.
After like one week then only I realise!
See how slow I am?!
I guess in this few coming weeks, I will be realising all the mistakes I've done in the exam =.=

Btw, I am feeling so lazy to read up for the last and final paper =(
I am already in the holiday mood.
Okay, I started saying this even before the exam started =x
Anyhow, good luck to all TARCian for the final paper!

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