Saturday, January 29, 2011

Human cycle.

I have to much to complain about but I guess this is not a place for me to say out anymore.

Let's see and analyse some situation.

1. A complains to B about C.
Soon B will start observing C and notice the bad thing about C.

2. A complains straight to C.
C feels all guilty and down for the whole day.

Which is better?

In situation 1, A complains to B because A does not want C to feel bad and down the whole day.
In situation 2, A tells C cause A does not want to get anyone else involved.


I don't know. YOU TELL ME.

& what if A does not have any other choice but to tell straight to C?
Will A feel pressure?
Put yourself in A's shoe and tell me.

It has been so long since I last complain to any girl about anything.
Girls usually have their friends around them to talk about their love life but I guess I'm no ordinary girl because whatever I do stays with myself and I don't tell anyone about it.
It feels so weird.
When I was in secondary school, I use to share all my joy and sadness with my friends.
I use to tell them everything and I use to blog everything.
Now it seems impossible.
Because, 1. if I write it here, people will feel guilty and bad.
2, there are so related viewers.
3, the range of people that care for me is like 1-3 people.
4, I will feel bad if I make other people feel guilty.

& one more thing is.
In BB, we learn to behave ourselves outside.
Even when we are at our peak of anger, we can't express it because we are examples to the younger ones.
So basically, how are we suppose to express what we feel?
We can only express our happiness and never our anger?
What's the use of bad word?
It is used to release anger.
It doesn't mean anything in particular.
It is just a way to release the bad emotion.
I believe no one will get hurt when someone types the F word on their Facebook status aite?
I know it is not polite but it is not good either to store all the anger in one's body.

I feel so lost everytime I feel down and sad.
I need a girl by my side.
Yes, I admit, I need a girl.
Not a guy.
Now I realise that guys don't understand girls most of the time.

Life sucks, for the moment.

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