Sunday, January 09, 2011

Air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya.

So, 2 finals paper are done. Those are the two easiest subjects among all.
Recently the weather is kind of damp and chilly.
I can sleep every night without the fan on and with my blanket =D
So, today is Sunday. Hmm..
I have no idea what I want to do.
Kinda bored of studying already =x
I am so in the holiday mood!

Somehow and somewhat, I do not have any inspiration to blog.
So let's just talk about exam, shall we?
So, the first day of finals, I was late.
Late as in, I went in the hall only, everyone was already there.
The last one minute before exam started, I got to cool down myself, and the next minute, the invigilator asked everyone to start doing their exam =.=
Like what the heck? I'm not even cooled down yet!
So I rushed to fill in the attendance slip.
I don't know what seat I am in, don't know what's the date of the first day of exam =.=
I felt helpless!
But then I got through it, duhh, I'm a genius =x
First section we had comprehension. Facebook was the topic! =x
I guess all the time dumped on using Facebook isn't a waste anyway! ;D
So then, we had letter writing, kinda suckish.
Then essay writing, I don't like my essays to be all serious, so I did an INTERESTING argumentative essay =x Hope the person that reads it enjoys it :)
I guess we need to elaborate 4-5 main points in an essay right?
I could only think of 3!
So I skipped the 4th point and the conclusion to do the last section which was the cloze passage.
That was like "white peanut"! =x
So, I hope that paper I score well.

Moving on to the next paper.
I reached college early :)
As in like 35 minutes before it started.
Then the chaos happened.
My friend forgot to bring her calculator! Aduiii~
It was Macroeconomics paper that day.
So we went to the charitable office and the generous clerk lent her a NORMAL calculator xD
I was feeling superbly nervous before I enter the hall.
I know I had every single answer in the cell of my brain, yet adrenaline rushes down my vein, wasting a lot of energy producing adrenaline instead of focusing on the exam =|
Okay, I admit, science is so not my field. I suck in science!
Anyway, then exam started.
MCQ was easy, it was basically like a bonus for us @.@
Then comes the essay part.
Our paper wasn't quite expected because by looking through previous years' papers, they were all similarly different from ours.
But I think I managed to nail it :)
So, all that's left is to pray that the examiner will understand what I write and give me higher mark and I pray that I will get at least 3.9 for my CGPA this time!
God bless me and my friends! ;)

Whoa. That's tiring. Signing out!


waalllaa! said...

good luck bebeh! chill...hehe

``Felicia Kok. said...

Thanks! ^^

Anonymous said...

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