Friday, January 28, 2011

Lovely days that will be missed.

My week was quite rough.
There were lots of roller coaster.
On Monday, I was pretty down the whole day.
Feeling bored and lonely at home.

Then came Tuesday.
Had an outing to KLCC with the girls from Perimbun.
I felt it was quite short.
Hope to meet you guys more often.

On Wednesday, Brigs and Francesca came over :)
We Skyped.
& webcam-ed with Mabel on MSN.
She's still so funny!

Then Thursday arrived ^^
In the morning Mel called me.
I answered with my sleepy voice =.=
That's terrible.
He laughed!!
He invited me to go sing k with him.
So I told him I will think about it and then went back to sleep =x
Then I asked mum when I woke up and mum sent me to LM to update her bank book =.=
& then I went Neway with Mel ^^
I told him about Megamind!!!
Yes! I watched this on PPS!
It was funny and really nice!
Except it wasn't much of a 3D =.=
Oh yea, our time for Neway was suppose to be from 11am-1pm but we ended up singing till 2.30pm =x
It was incredibly FUN!
Pure fun!
And then we had Sushi King.
I don't know why that's there.
Then we noticed the huge change in LM =.=
The Voir shop was enlarged!
There were Soda and G&H inside too.
And Soda had 50% off.
So Mel bought his shirt there.
Then we went to Fireworks again =x
So now we have around 300+ tickets =x
I feel young again.
Although I've never played it when I was young =.=
At night I went and did my specs.
I only changed the lenses because my power increased.
So, yeah, I still have my nerdy look 8)
That was my really really fun Thursday.

Then came Friday!
Mel was suppose to send Jes and Lois to college so I tagged along :)
We watched Homecoming.
This movie is funny!
But the story is kinda useless.
The bloopers are nice!
But basically the whole story only have 3 main actors =.=
Others are like backstage actors =x or in other words KELEFE.
Before the movie, we had brunch at the Chinese Shop =x
Then after that we went over to Sg Wang.
Wanted to eat Twister Ice Cream but no more :(
Then we walked around in TS again.
Then I received a bad news :(
Uncle passed away.
Will be going to Penang tomorrow night.
The funeral will be on Sunday at 2.30pm.

So, that's why I said it was a roller coaster week for me.

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