Monday, June 28, 2010


"Sometimes humans are just so weird, they refuse to take easy roads because they think easy roads are tricky roads."

I just don't understand man.
We're doing something that is not even necessary =.=
Additional marks?
Impossible =.=
When does English take counts in accounting?

Anyway, sometimes people just gets on my nerves. Can't they just chill?!
Btw, college is so cramped up.
Schedules are tight. Tighter than highschool I can say!
Exams are one after another, like WTH!
And I can't stand getting instructions from people.
Like, dude, I have my freaking own brain and it is working perfectly.
I don't need orders from people.

I'm just freaking glad that all the assignments will be over by this week.
But, there are still presentation. Like wth.
I hate hate hate hate all these group assignments man.

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