Friday, June 04, 2010

Wee~ Another update.
So now I have my monthly bus pass, I can go anywhere I want for free =D

Let's summarize everything.
Currently rushing to finish my college assignments and homeworks =.=
I do not have enough time =( WHY?
Anyway, saw 2 accidents last week.
Let me get this right, not accident, the victim of the accident =.=
Saw blood, wounds, and victims lying down on the road. WOW!
Yes, it was pretty cool =x
Anyway, had Family Day carnival last Friday at Bukit Jalil.
I'm proudly announcing that I did not win anything for Jogathon =x =x
Anyway, still had fun larh. Running and bumping into church members xD
Cause that jogathon had competitors from other churches members as well.
I think majority St. Thomas church win =.=
After that went IOI mall with Jes, Mel and their mum xD
Would like to thank their mum for lunch =)

On Saturday, went LM with dad. Awkward MUCH!
Dad spent nearly an hour at the 2nd hand book store =.=
Ended up only buying two books @.@

Sunday! Wee~
Went Pavillion ^^
With Cm, Tk, Mel, Jes and Cf =)
The program ended at 11.10am =.=
Got lotsa goodies =)
And and and, ate McD that day!!!! After so long, finally get to taste the double cheese burger xD
Had dinner with relatives that night ^^

Did our first journal writing xD
Title : Problems I am facing xD
Btw, I hate waiting for T405 =.=
Takes me one whole hour.

Sorry sorry sorry sangat sangat cause of Wednesday =(
I regret sangat sangat =(

Anyway, thanks Yang for fetching me and taking me back from college =)

And, I thank God cause I didn't kena anything cause I was late for tutorial for half an hour =)
I believe I am still LUCKY!
Going out with parents tomorrow. Wee~
Happy with my current life.
D.o.n.t.w.a.n.n.a.c.h.a.n.g.e.i.t =DD

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