Saturday, June 12, 2010

In a blink of an eye, it has been 4 weeks =)
4 weeks in college.
Getting use to it =)
Tiring schedule and traveling time.
It is indeed tiring.
Enjoyed secondary school better =P
Wonder how's my other ex-schoolmates going with their own schedule and life.
Lost contact with several friends from school @.@
And so, my life is cramped up with all those assignments and homeworks.
Why do I still call it homework?
Cause assignments are courseworks and homeworks are basically homeworks xD
I'm starting to like my tutorial group xD
Filled with people that communicate weirdly.
Yes, they are so-called grown up guys =.=
Yet, they still shout and scream at each other like a bunch of 10 years old kids @.@
AND, in a blink of an eye, first test is next week!
Starting off with the 2nd toughest memorizing subject, Microeconomics.
Well, the 1st goes to Hubungan Etnik! Millions of words that we need to remember =x
Anyway, had open book test the other day @.@
And I haven't completed the test, we were allowed to bring the questions back with us to complete it at home. How cool is that?!
So, it's still on the floor, calling and wailing to me to finish it but I'm just too freaking lazy =x
We didn't get our IA tutorial questions this week, so I'm kinda free =x
But I bet I need to rush and finish it maybe on Monday when the printing manager finally realize what she/he had missed out =.=

Yesterday was dear Deer CM's birthday xD
The good thing was, I get to go out and hunt for present with Mr Perfect =x
And I get to meet up with Hj, Bk and most importantly, the birthday boi =)

Anyway, I think I'm encountering memory lost.
Both short term and long term!
I saw my tuition friend yesterday at the library.
After half an hour, then only I realize she was from tuition =.=
And, I met another guy who said "hi" to me.
Was wondering who he was.
I know that I knew him, but couldn't think of how and where @.@
I only could remember during the night =.=
Damn sweat!
They look so freaking familiar, yet I can't recall.

Lalala, funny life.

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