Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm feeling so cranky now.
Is it cause I'm tired?
So, lets just recall what happened today.
Life journal...

Woke up and watched TV @.@
Then got ready at 12 to go Kajang =)
Bought Kajang satay to Kem Millennium Beranang xD
So, reached.
Suppose to write in the visitation book.
And my friend ask me to write "Melawat semua wirawati Dorm D"
I thought she was joking, so I just write.
When I was on my way into the dewan makan, suddenly I heard the shocking announcement.
"Semua wirawati Dorm D, sila turun ke dewan makan kerana kawan and sedang menunggu"
WTH =.=
LOL man.
Dad only bought 30 sticks of satay cause we thought we were only visiting 2 friends xD
But they already had their lunch, so it was enough for 8 people @.@
Now dorm D left 12 people, and according to them, they're the noisiest Dorm. Haha, grats to that.
Every night ends with argument between Archana and the others. And the issue is the LIGHT =.=
Anyhow, their company is currently 2nd place =)
So we chatted and all till 3 something.
Then went to Metro Point, went searching for goggles @.@
But there don't have.
Wanted to buy shoe, RM22. Dad say too expensive @.@
Then went Mydin. Bought little things but spent RM80+. Wow!
After that we wanted to walk to Metro Kajang, but got lost =.=
So decided to drive there.
Bumped into amazing race groups.
Finally bought goggles in Parkson.
Skipped lunch =.=
I think I got thinner cause of skipping lunch and walking for so long hours =.=
Although I don't feel tired, but I know I am tired @.@

Anyway, I'm just jealous. No other reason.
I'm a freaking freak. YES.

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